lørdag 12. oktober 2013

New coffee table:)

It's weekend and we have moved to our new apartment.
We had to buy a coffee table today, as it wasn't one in this one either. (!) ;)
Coffee table from Habitat, vase from IKEA and candle from Homebase.

torsdag 10. oktober 2013

tirsdag 8. oktober 2013

Edinburgh.. a busy city:)

I love the colorful shops and cafes... :) Looking forward to moving closer to city centre!

tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

I love DIY

When I have the time I try to be creative. I miss that!  
This is just too easy :D

I use my mobile camera, C.R.A.P.... All I want for Xmas is a camera... Canon EOS..Nikon.. Not sure:)

søndag 29. september 2013

Today's shopping!

Today's shopping in the city.:)
I was searching for small unique shops today. I found a market where I bought the small sign & clothes.
We bought candy (pips and chocolate) at at Favers Candy Emporium.. YUMMMMY:)
The turquoise rhino was bought at a small shop close to Princess Street Gardens.. <3

fredag 27. september 2013

YES!! We got the apartment in Newington!

We got the phone call today... We can move to Newington next month <3
We're sooo happy... I'm ready to moooove:):):)

The weekend got off to a perfect start! (Well, except for the car which needs to be fixed;))

torsdag 26. september 2013

Waterfall Park, Dalkeith

We set the GPS to Waterfall Park and ended up going for a long walk;)
We have to go there during daytime one day. I really recommend going to parks and forests with children. They are so happy when they explore nature and leave their toys and iPad...;)
It's so lovely to go for walks in Edinburgh <3! BEAUTIFUL is the word.

Click below for a link if you need an overview of where to go to explore nature in Midlothian:

Parks, playgrounds and public space in Midlothian:)

onsdag 25. september 2013

Interior magazines

I love interior,.. interior magazines & interior blogs.
I look forward to the day we own a house again (maybe the one we are renting out in Norway or somewhere else), so I can have the furniture & details I like. Here we live now, it's not really my style;)
Even though, I try to make it 'my own' :)

It's raining, and we're on our way to the nursery soon.. My little one isn't quite happy there yet as she doesn't speak the language.. I hope today will be a better day. The people who work there are lovely. :)

I like the mix of french vintage + scandinavian style. What about you?


mandag 23. september 2013

fredag 20. september 2013

Moving abroad gave me more energy....

Or is it because I quit my full time job in Norway and started as a full time Stay at home Mum?...

It's the first time in forever that I read a book. I even read 2, and bought another one in a few weeks!
Also, I like to make DINNER! ME??? What's going on? I used to hate it.. Just a stressful and boring chore..
Now I put my soul into it..
Also, I've done some painting again, after so many years..
I also appreciate nature and new things more..
I like it here.. I think me and my family needed this.. Me & my hubby have been restless and wanting to move for some years.. We talked about the States.. Dubai.. and then.. Edinburgh.

What a beautiful city with so much culture.. So much to offer!

 Hollyrood Park

My paintings

Dinner for a week

Monday - Spaghetti bolognese/dolmio
Tuesday - Baked fish with fries + vegetables, and hollandaise sauce
Wednesday - Tomato soup with eggs and baguette
Thursday - Chicken (hubby and kids) Cod (for me) with potatoes, veggies + and creamy mushroom sauce
Friday - Salmon (for me), Pork (hubby) + saussages (kids) with rice and squash + mild pepper sauce
Saturday - Taco or Pizza
Sunday - Eating out:)

Roslin Glen Country Park, Midlothian

What a beautiful fairytale...... WOW......!

The pictures tell more than words... ;)