søndag 29. september 2013

Today's shopping!

Today's shopping in the city.:)
I was searching for small unique shops today. I found a market where I bought the small sign & clothes.
We bought candy (pips and chocolate) at at Favers Candy Emporium.. YUMMMMY:)
The turquoise rhino was bought at a small shop close to Princess Street Gardens.. <3

fredag 27. september 2013

YES!! We got the apartment in Newington!

We got the phone call today... We can move to Newington next month <3
We're sooo happy... I'm ready to moooove:):):)

The weekend got off to a perfect start! (Well, except for the car which needs to be fixed;))

torsdag 26. september 2013

Waterfall Park, Dalkeith

We set the GPS to Waterfall Park and ended up going for a long walk;)
We have to go there during daytime one day. I really recommend going to parks and forests with children. They are so happy when they explore nature and leave their toys and iPad...;)
It's so lovely to go for walks in Edinburgh <3! BEAUTIFUL is the word.

Click below for a link if you need an overview of where to go to explore nature in Midlothian:

Parks, playgrounds and public space in Midlothian:)

onsdag 25. september 2013

Interior magazines

I love interior,.. interior magazines & interior blogs.
I look forward to the day we own a house again (maybe the one we are renting out in Norway or somewhere else), so I can have the furniture & details I like. Here we live now, it's not really my style;)
Even though, I try to make it 'my own' :)

It's raining, and we're on our way to the nursery soon.. My little one isn't quite happy there yet as she doesn't speak the language.. I hope today will be a better day. The people who work there are lovely. :)

I like the mix of french vintage + scandinavian style. What about you?


mandag 23. september 2013

fredag 20. september 2013

Moving abroad gave me more energy....

Or is it because I quit my full time job in Norway and started as a full time Stay at home Mum?...

It's the first time in forever that I read a book. I even read 2, and bought another one in a few weeks!
Also, I like to make DINNER! ME??? What's going on? I used to hate it.. Just a stressful and boring chore..
Now I put my soul into it..
Also, I've done some painting again, after so many years..
I also appreciate nature and new things more..
I like it here.. I think me and my family needed this.. Me & my hubby have been restless and wanting to move for some years.. We talked about the States.. Dubai.. and then.. Edinburgh.

What a beautiful city with so much culture.. So much to offer!

 Hollyrood Park

My paintings

Dinner for a week

Monday - Spaghetti bolognese/dolmio
Tuesday - Baked fish with fries + vegetables, and hollandaise sauce
Wednesday - Tomato soup with eggs and baguette
Thursday - Chicken (hubby and kids) Cod (for me) with potatoes, veggies + and creamy mushroom sauce
Friday - Salmon (for me), Pork (hubby) + saussages (kids) with rice and squash + mild pepper sauce
Saturday - Taco or Pizza
Sunday - Eating out:)

Roslin Glen Country Park, Midlothian

What a beautiful fairytale...... WOW......!

The pictures tell more than words... ;)

torsdag 19. september 2013

I fell in love with... Pathhead!

We often drive without knowing where we end up.
I love that about Edinburgh. It's so much to see, and so many things to do!


One day we ended up in Pathhead..
We had never been there before, but we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood.

It was so charming, eye catching and lovely!

Me and my man fell totally inlove with this place. What a cute village, and a perfect place to live as a kid.
I have no idea how it is to live there as a kid though;)  I just fellt a good vibe, a calm atmosphere..
There was houses close together, as it often is in Scotland, but quite different - I really don't know how to describe it, you just FEEL it.

We ended up at a playground, a lot of kids running around, having fun, some were playing soccer.
Some kids from a garden on the other side talked loudly to the kids at the playground.
It felt like everyone knew everyone here.

On our way back to the car, we saw a guy yelling to his dog who was barking.
He turned his head when we walked by, taking his time to smile and say hi. What a lovely man.
I only saw his tattoo and heard his angry voice to his dog, and I thought I better hurry on by.
How easy it is to judge people..

There were small paths up and down, a big grass lawn and .. I just kept thinking, these kids must love it here, running around, exploring.. What a beautiful village..
It was not a luxurious place, but I'd rather have lived like this than in any rich, fancy area. when I was a kid..:)
This place had a SOUL.

You can read more about Pathhead HERE:)

Traffic and driving in Edinburgh...!


Wow, they love to use the horn! Hehe.. They drive fast, and use the horn if they have to slow down a little, because you came out on the road a bit too late. It's a challenge to drive here.. ;)
In Norway we never use the horn, at least very rarely.. People get more aggressive in cars in Norway too, but in Scotland, wow... it was a surprise!
I LOOOVE driving on the left side of the road though, it's the total opposite to what I'm used to, but still, not too difficult.;)
It actually seems as the correct way to drive, I dunno why..?... :)


I don't dare to drive closer to the city because of the big roundabouts and the people's need for using the horn... Maybe someday.. After an episode when someone drove up to our side and a woman looked totally crazy mad at us, I was shocked... that people have such a temper in addition to being in a desperate hurry to get to their destination as fast as possible.
Also, you may have to wait for crossing the street a while... 1-2-3-4-5 cars passed by me and my little one, and then we could move... there were no cars that stopped. I guess it's normal here, that cars do not stop.
You would get shot (well, that was dramatic... more like yelled at) if you didn't stop for someone who wants to cross the street. My hubby got the horn, when he stopped his car for someone. It's the opposite back in Norway.

I thought I was an agressive driver. Not anymore! ... ;)
I'm not saying that Norwegians are better drivers, but it's a bigger challenge to drive here..
I feel it's easier to crash into someone/something if someone is suddenly honking the horn. Dangerous!

The traffic lights seem like they're jammed everytime it's red, a long wait. I'm an inpatient soul I guess.
In Scotland they have traffic lights in the big roundabouts, and we should have the same in Norway, much better.

Edinburgh, our new home!

Me, my hubby and our 2 kids moved abroad in August this year.
Mr got a job offer through work, and we got the chance to try living in Scotland for 1 year.
We have been here for about 1 month now.
I can see the differences between Norway and Scotland, some alike and some different, as expected.


We live in a typical brick house, it's more than 100 years old, charming but.. yes, OLD.. ;)
As the house will be COLD in winter, and as it's a bit too far from Edinburgh centre, we want to move closer to the city after a few months.
The apartments/houses for rent show that people here doesn't care to much about interior..
Our house has a red old couch and old, not so nice furniture.
I love all the pipes on the roof though, they have alot of those. In Norway we usually only have one.;)
Scottish people seem to like a darker more cozy atmosphere inside, as we Norwegians like white, white but also with some detail in colour.
We have been to a viewing near the centre, but it was a bit old and dark.. The agent said we had to fill out an application form, and we would know in about 4 days if interested. The landlord makes the decision.
We love the area in Newington and Morningside so we tried to go to a new viewing today.
There was a car outside the number of the apartment building (Umega). We didn't have the information about what flat number... and as no one answered our call we went home, disapponting! Which agent doesn't carry his mobile phone? That was strange..
It seems like they don't take their job as an agent too serious.?


Tesco is nearby, and it has ALOT of different food, drinks... everything. It's HUGE.
Mr. was told that this Tesco near us was SMALL. WOW! At home, then the stores have to be miniatures..hehe!
Whenever we drive to Edinburgh I feel the people are more approachable, and stylish.
I would like to live there.. Maybe in Newington or Morningside.
The shops and cafes there are SO charming, with bright colors and close together by the busy street.

I'm sorry... my english is not perfect! Bear with me please..


Please and sorry, and also helping if suddenly the trolley collapse when crossing the street is in scottish nature. Norwegians is not brought up to be so polite and helpful.
Even so, I am disappointed that a lot of the people here look so serious, not smiling so much.
I've met quite a few who smile and are very nice, but people (at Tesco, as an example) seems to be in a hurry and looking quite 'unhappy'... or maybe they're not, maybe just caught up in their own lives.
Maybe us norwegians are like this too, but I think I remember they smiled more often..


Girls passing by with bright red hair and a cool hat, and guys with tie and jeans.
I love it when they dress how they feel like, their own style. Norwegians are more 'safe' in wearing clothes, often wear the same type of jeans, and a nice normal top or a fluffy blouse.
Below is a picture from the festival, a lot of people, including tourists and ourselves:)


I love the cool clubs and night clubs, like the Caves we went to one night (when my Mum visited, she watched the kids).
In Norway the places we go to in the weekends are a lot brighter, minimalistic and always with this RnB and techno music. It was really refreshing to go to the Caves, to watch a poetry couple, and have some beers while listening to original music.
We also went to the Fringe festival, the centre was CROWDED and people having shows and theatre everywhere. The town home in Norway is small, not a lot is happening, and if there is a concert one year, then EVERYONE is going. It feels more like a place in the countryside, 'bygd' (norwegian word), not like a big town.
Edinburgh is a big town, and I dunno if I can ever go back to living in a small 'village' .... ;)
I also have to mention the beautiful parks here, who are actually not full of drunk people (as the parks in Norway).