lørdag 12. oktober 2013

New coffee table:)

It's weekend and we have moved to our new apartment.
We had to buy a coffee table today, as it wasn't one in this one either. (!) ;)
Coffee table from Habitat, vase from IKEA and candle from Homebase.

torsdag 10. oktober 2013

tirsdag 8. oktober 2013

Edinburgh.. a busy city:)

I love the colorful shops and cafes... :) Looking forward to moving closer to city centre!

tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

I love DIY

When I have the time I try to be creative. I miss that!  
This is just too easy :D

I use my mobile camera, C.R.A.P.... All I want for Xmas is a camera... Canon EOS..Nikon.. Not sure:)